Since the late ‘90s, at the same time with entering the university and completing higher education, our professional career path also started to take shape. Each of us stepped forward towards gaining experience in his favorite profession, One chose the path to computer networking which at that time were implemented with BUS Topology and also operating one of the first kinds of social networking of those days called Bulletin Board System (BBS), and the other chose the path to implement electronic printing and hardware infrastructure to suit the growing needs of digital technologies at the time, including Océ and Tally, as well as participating in the development of the first series of Persian printing fonts integrated with those hardware.

Attractive aspects of information technology and rising needs of pioneer organizations and companies at that time to design, set up and utilize local computer networks and dependent networking services led us to decide to formalize our knowledge and obtain those credentials most suited our work from Microsoft and Cisco.

In the late 2000s, the information technology market was presented with a new unique opportunity—the Data center industry.

At the time, it was clear that there was a fundamental gap in the industry between the technical hub of information technology and the construction hub of such industrial projects. Because neither IT experts had the necessary knowledge to design and build the physical infrastructure of data centers, nor construction engineers and project managers, had the essential sensitivity and insight to meet the needs of IT.

With provision to fill the gap in industry, we decided to upgrade our technical knowledge to also meet those required in data center physical infrastructure. After which and with several years of effort, we have now succeeded to create a balanced golden triangle of information technology, physical infrastructure, and project management and are utilizing this knowledge and experience in our progressive projects and opportunities.


We are grateful for having the opportunity and stage to have worked in some of the most well-known and well-respected organizations and companies in the industry, before co-founding our own. Where In these we, educated, trained, grew, and had the chance to participate in several projects, many of which evaluated as top enterprise or national projects, each playing their own role in gaining higher knowledge and enhancing our experience.

Pendaria Project With Afranet
Pendaria Project With Afranet


We, the founders of PENDAR ARIA Company, each with more than twenty years of professional experience in communications and information technology industry, always trying to stretch technical and quality levels in the projects for which we have been responsible, are proud to have been able to leave a good track record and a well-known reputation in the market. And following the same path, we have established PENDAR ARIA company with the PENDARIA brand since 2020 and we have focused our activities in this company.

We are a young company, with youthful energy and motivation, and with a wealth of professional experiences that we have each added to this collection.

We have expert, skilled, and smart colleagues, with a keen eye for details, focused on the goal, and highly motivated to build a bright future. Colleagues who, over the years, have found each other in the right workplace and time, and have always been improving the quality of each other’s work altogether.

Having a wide network of experts and specialists with whom we work permanently or on project basis, we have this capacity to bring together the necessary expertise to suit the needs of each project and each client, and as an orchestra leader lead all members of the team to the common goal.


We are proud to be among the few experts in IRAN who have succeeded in receiving the certification for auditing data centers based on the Iranian standard for data center design and build, issued by the Data Center Audit System (DCAS) of ICT Guild organization (IGG) and Information Technology Organization (ITO) of Iran.

Also, our team consists of specialists with certifications in design, engineering and project management such as in table that follows, indicating the necessary knowledge, capacity and skills available in PENDARIA needed to serve and meet the requirements of our clients with quality expected.

Pendaria DCAS Membership
Pendaria DCAS-DCC Membership
Pendaria DCAS-ACC Membership
Pendaria DCAS Membership
Pendaria DCAS-DCC Membership
Pendaria DCAS-ACC Membership

Technical Certifications:

Professional Memberships:

Pendaria Cover Image


We believe, we lay the foundation for present-day life. We bring together the technologies needed for today’s flawless digital experience through our distinctive engineering services, information technology infrastructure, and data center design and implementation.

Our experienced and multidisciplinary team are the underlying basis of our high operative business. Coming from different backgrounds, we take advantage of the synergy between our peers to grow and prosper. Each and every one of our team players are well known for their achievements visible through their successful history in the industry’s leading projects.

We believe in the overall positive value of communications and information technology and the role it plays in our modern era. Therefore, we take part by running our business in the same positive and worthwhile direction. Designing efficiently and implementing effectively, being environmentally responsible, managing projects professionally and building our team around core values are the main forces that drive PENDARIA forward.

For an idea to be realized in the best possible way, we need to have a deep understanding and perception of our client’s needs. Our uniquely tailored projects are only possible due to our attention to details and consistency throughout our design process. Our projects, no matter how complex in engineering, are smooth in function and operations.

With every opportunity, we take new leaps. We employ our knowledge from passed experiences, benefit from our carefully outlined discipline in order to understand present issues at stake and we only set our eyes on an innovative future in which we see ourselves a part of.

Every day we tackle limiting challenges and treat them with creative solutions. Every project is as if a blank canvas in which we paint and realize our ideas.

It is with a dynamic imagination that PENDARIA aims to create new solutions and bind you with your excellent tomorrow.

Hamed Moinfar

CEO, Vice-Chairman of the Board


Data Center Architect, PMP, BEc

Vice-chairman of Datacenter commission at Tehran NSR organization

Member of the “Data Center Assessment Criteria Codification” committee of Tehran NSR and ITO DCAS

With twenty plus years of experience in ICT industry and ten years focused experience in data center domain, Mr. Hamed Moinfar has become an accredited architect and designer with a high reputation in the Industry. By taking good advantage of his background in Economics degree, gaining skills and field experience, and utilizing management potentials in multiple projects for the past eight years, he is currently holding PMP® credentials for the fourth consecutive period since 2012. He believes his skill set to integrate ICT and data center infrastructures, in combination with his project management and team leadership abilities, will benefit organizations and clients to achieve their respective goals in the most effective and efficient way.

Kamran Ebrahimi

Chairman of the Board & Executive VP


Data Center Architect & Auditor, CDCE, BSc

Member of the “Auditor’s Assessment Criteria Codification” committee of Tehran NSR and ITO DCAS

Member of Datacenter commission at Tehran NSR organization

As a skillful and well-known technical manager with around 20 years of experience in the field of IT and hardware, relying on his advantage of electronic engineering degree along with PMI-CDCE certificate; Mr. Kamran Ebrahimi has acquired rare expertise and knowledge in design and management of the multi-disciplinary projects. As a diligent manager with capabilities in communication, and planning, he is well known in Data Center projects consisting of design, construct, commissioning and auditing. With a customer-oriented attitude and by relying on his technical & managerial maturity, he plays a valuable role in achieving company’s goals.