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‌By means of a comprehensive set of professional services which we provide, PENDARIA assists you throughout all your data center project’s life-cycle:

Data Center Projects Life Cycle

PENDARIA employs the whole spectrum of technical knowledge and skills developed to assure the success of a data center project, to reduce unforeseen problems and challenges during construction, and to ensure that what is being constructed is closer to your organization’s genuine needs. Along with its extensive project expertise, puts together a team of experts and specialists for each project to give one of the most comprehensive design packages available to your company.


Preliminary studies

At PENDARIA, we are fully aware of this fact that how accurately understanding an organization’s assumptions, restrictions, and needs before beginning any data center design, will affect project cost, time, and control further on.
We assist you in gaining a thorough grasp of your requirements and developing and controlling them in the form of a document as the primary input to the design phase by defining technical and process restrictions and preferences.
Whether you have already planned the location and construction site of your data center or are considering this option as part of the initial study phase, having a full understanding of the project site’s location and construction conditions, will be critical to the data center’s stability and continuity during operations.

During the initial study phase, PENDARIA offers the following services:
– Gather all Requirements, needs, constraints, and assumptions.
– Choosing a location and assessing the surrounding environment
– Power utility delivery feasibility studies
– Soil mechanics and hydrology studies
– Site topography
– Initial specifications and schedule and budget estimates

Basic & detailed design

Technical documents are developed and supplied in the basic design phase or the detailed design phase, depending on the demanding needs of the project organization and the degree of services sought by the client.
PENDARIA prepares, produces, and presents over 100 drawing codes and technical documents in all sections of the design phase, depending on the project’s dimensions and location. This will allow you to have the most details at each level of the project’s progression, whether you wish to hire a general contractor or manage the project within your organization.

PENDARIA offers engineering services in the following areas throughout the design phase:
– Data center and facility buildings, architecture and structural designs
– Landscaping and ancillary buildings, architecture and structural designs
– Electrical, lightning arresters, and grounding systems
– Cooling, ventilation, mechanics, and racks systems
– Fire detection and suppression systems
– Access control and video surveillance systems
– Telecommunications and network systems
– Infrastructure monitoring and management systems
– Coordination, finalization, and labeling
– Budget and schedule preparation for the project

In such a case where the customer has already determined the entity for design consultancy or general contracting for the project, and at the same time prefers to employ a third party as a supervisor in each of the design, procurement, and implementation phases, we at PENDARIA can provide a set of supervising services in each of the project phases, based on our experiences and competencies gained.

PENDARIA can assist with its supervision services in any step of the process:
– Project planning and progress control
– Engineering and design
– Implementation and provisional handover
– Quality control
– Payment and cost control
– Interim operations monitoring and a final take-over

Design and engineering supervision

At this stage, all documentations and design outputs in all technical areas of the physical infrastructure are examined and reviewed. In addition, the final list of products and services (MTO) are finalized prior to the purchase order.

Procurement tracking services

– Ensure that the list and quantities of materials and services are finalized before placing an order
– Oversee equipment and service orders placement
– Check and review all order documents, as well as the validity and genuineness of all equipment
– Check and review loading and shipping documents from origin to destination
– Monitor manufacturing processes and factory deliveries based on acceptance test procedures
– Verify equipment delivery time and quality

Supervisory services throughout implementation

– Monitor project coordination, planning, and progress
– Oversee workshop and tools and machinery setup
– Carry out high-level workshop supervision by allocating sufficient expertise
– Oversee the completion and delivery of work packages
– Review billing statements and approve contractors and vendors invoices
– Oversee testing and commissioning of infrastructure
– Supervise system and equipment functional and operational trainings
– Review and monitor preparation of as-built drawings and documents

Handover and operations supervision services

– Supervise the provisional handover as well as the interim period
– Oversee the timely implementation of technical support processes
– Oversee periodic inspections and preventative maintenance services
– Oversee equipment and systems software and firmware updates
– Oversee warranty and maintenance terms and services performance
– Oversee final handover and take-over and release contract performance guarantees

In addition to well-known contracting methods in which the project owner decides to individually select project engineer, supervisor, and general contractor entities, the new approach which utilizes project management contracting (MC) services will provide benefits, such as overcoming organizational bureaucratic processes, speeding up the initiation and completion of the project, and transferring the management of technical and contractual obligations to the project management contractor.

The table below depicts the outcome of each project implementation approach on the project’s key variables, as well as their relative advantages.

Project implementation approach Internally managed General Contractor Management Contractor
Owner’s management overhead MAX MIN Medium
Time elapsed to initiate the project Medium MAX MIN
Time elapsed to finish the project MAX Medium MIN
Owner’s obligations and responsibilities MAX MIN Medium
Estimated project costs MIN MAX Medium
Total cost of ownership MAX Medium MIN
Control of the product quality Medium MIN MAX

PENDARIA delivers the following project management services in pre-implementation, implementation, and post-implementation stages:

– Plan project goals, implementation methods, control, and management
– Issue of primary and ancillary services work orders
– Oversee the design process, as well as reviewing and confirming the outcomes
– Mange procurement, construction, and installation, as well as ancillary services
– Manage quality and ensure that processes are established
– Mange time, monitor work progress, and update plans
– Review and approve vendors and contractors’ budgets, cash flow, and invoices
– Oversee the implementation of health, safety, and environmental systems
– Manage contractors’ affairs, performance guarantees, and account settlement
– Manage the delivery and commissioning, as well as the operation of systems
– Manage documents and ensure the conclusiveness of generated documents and drawings
– Manage assessment and evaluation methodologies, their execution and results reporting
– Identify project stakeholders and proper information flow
– Expert review and comment on non-transferable duties