Data Center, Cloud, AND Colocation, Not Data Center vs. Cloud vs. Colocation

Enterprises are building the most effective ecosystem for their needs by mixing and matching data center, cloud, and colocation solutions. This launches our special report series on the Hybrid Cloud.

Everyone has been in love with the cloud over the past decade, but the relevance of colocation and on-premises data centers has only increased and strengthened for enterprises over time. Enterprises are building their most effective IT ecosystem in a “best of breed” fashion, leveraging the strengths of each type as needed. It’s not a matter of choosing or favoring one over the others but selecting the most appropriate tool for the application, workload, and desired outcomes.

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Published Novemver 17, 2021
Originally Published at Data Center Frontier

New ASHRAE guidelines challenge efficiency drive

Industry body expands its climatic recommendations for data centers to address corrosives, high-density servers.

Earlier in 2021, ASHRAE’s Technical Committee 9.9 published an update – the fifth edition — of its Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments. The update recommends important changes to data center thermal operating envelopes: the presence of pollutants is now a factor, and it introduces a new class of IT equipment for high-density computing. The new advice can, in some cases, lead operators to not only alter operational practices but also shift set points, a change that may impact both energy efficiency and contractual service level agreements (SLAs) with data center services providers.

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Published September 26, 2021
Originally Published at Data Centre Dynamics Ltd (DCD)